Minutes of the Board of Trustees

Tuesday, July 9th 2019

Approved on Wednesday, July 31st 2019

The regular meeting of the Board of Trustees was held on Tuesday July 9, 2019 in the Library’s Board Room. Attending the meeting were Trustees John VanEngelen, Debbie Dane, Teresa Jones, Monica D’Angelo and City Council Liaison Ruth Pierce. Library Director Tara Bartley, Staff Karolee Sorenson and Amy Mortensen, Adult Services Supervisor.

Chairman John VanEngelen called the meeting to order at 4:30 pm with brief introductions. Introductions to and from members of the Public. Recognized Sara Barton for 15 years of service to the library.

Motion was made to approve the agenda for July 9, 2019 meeting. Teresa Jones motioned to approve the agenda; Monica D’Angelo 2nd the motion. The Trustees MSC approval of the June 12, 2019 minutes. Debbie Dane motioned to approve the minutes; Teresa Jones 2nd the motion.

Approval of Financial Statements

The Trustees MSC the approval of the June 2019 bills. Monica D’Angelo motioned to approve June 2019 bills, Debbie Dane 2nd the motion. Roll call vote taken. Approved 4-0. Financial/Statistical report: Review of the financial reports. Review of charts presented for the statistical reporting and discussion on income from Idaho Power rebate. Debbie Dane motioned to approve the financial statements for June 2019; Monica D’Angelo 2nd the motion. Roll call vote taken. Approved 4-0.

Communications & Correspondence

Summer Reading is in full swing! As of the end of June Youth Services has handed out 2100 Summer Reading logs, up from 2018 of 2070 reading logs. 24% are young adult, 102% elementary and 47% teen.

Naturebrary is from 10:00 – 1:00 on Tuesday, Elementary is from 10:00 am – 7:00 pm every Wednesday,

Teen Summer Reading is Thursday at 3:00 pm.

Received SHRAB Grant for $2,835.00. The TFPLF will match the amount. We will digitize the Harald Gerber collection of photographs.

Bookmobile Summer schedule is full. The bookmobile attends the lunch program at Oregon Trail at Canyon Ridge. Friday Immanuel Lutheran Daycare.

July 13 – Humans of the Magic Valley will be at the Farmers Market Downtown from 9:00 am to 1:00 pm. We have 13 volunteers participating this year.

July 20 – is the 50th anniversary celebration of the moon landing.

July 26 – Street Dance Block Party 6:30 -8:30

City Council

Work has begun on Shoshone Street. They will start with the medians and will move forward from there. The 8-9 week process of presenting the City budget to Council has begun. Final vote will be on August 26.

Library Foundation

Our June Pop Up Book sale made $883.00. Our next sale will be Wednesday, August 7, 10:00 am – 6:00 pm. Books that do not sell are shipped to Thrift for sale. We receive a percentage from the sale. Major donor plaque is updated. 2016 Canyon Ridge graduate, is promoting Healthy Lifestyles with a Read Run Rise Up Magic Valley would like to give each participant a book. Foundation will be helping with that project. Scramble fore books golf tournament.

Finance & Budgeting

No report

Building & Grounds

No report

Planning & Public Relations

No report

Operations & Personnel

No report

Business Issues

The library will put together a process for displays in the library.

Cindy Bezas, Trustee has resigned from the board. The library will be looking for Trustee replacements in August.

Social Media policy was given to the board for review. Action on the policy will take place in the August meeting.

Educator Card update. Magic Valley Educators who are nonresident can apply for Educator Card if they have a nonresident library card, from August to the end of June. The TFPLF has been paying for the nonresident cards for the educators. The Library is requesting to eliminate the actual card and issue Educator cards from August to May 30. We will work with Educators who are teaching summer school. Recommend in August.

Library Staff

Staff Report: (Amy Mortensen) Amy attended Futures Camp, June 12-14 at the College of Idaho in Caldwell, Idaho. The theme was a camping theme and was put on through ICFL. Several guest speakers attended the camp. Wednesday night Nancy Pearl spoke regarding the Perils of reading. If you balance the perils from the joys who wouldn’t want to read. She then interviewed Ann Joslin who just retired as the Idaho State Librarian. Thursday guest speaker was Rolf Hapel, University of Washington iSchool. His topic was how libraries have changed with the Internet, Social Media and Networkers, but the same problem exist for libraries: reaching those who aren’t using the library. Angela Hemingway, Idaho STEM Action Center spoke about the need to get the word out to Idaho about STEM jobs here. STEM-ify Your Library – put a daily math problem on the mirror in the bathroom, etc. Dr. Picklestein’s Science Show – Associate Professor at BSU Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry did a Slinky demonstration. Friday Miguel Figueroa, ALA’s Center for the Future of Libraries, spoke about the future of Libraries and how we serve the community. Planning Breakouts. How might we ACT. How might we COLLECT and How might we CONNECT. Marcellus Turner, Seattle Public Library spoke about Equity vs Equality. “we can do whatever we want, we just can’t do everything.” The program was funded through ICFL.

Library Director

Library presentations – i-Stem/P20 Conference teachers from the Magic Valley updates on what our library offers with STEM kits from CSI.  Kasi Allen attended the P20 Conference with STEM for 1st-4th grades. 

Database renewals and additional contracts was presented by Tara. 

Idaho Code 33-2741 amended – Public Library’s Internet Safety Policy extends to wireless access provided by libraries.  WiFi filtering for libraries take effect July 1, 2020.


Public Comment

The following individuals made public comments regarding Pride Display in the library:

Lindsay Dyson

Kimberly Erye

Kristen Dewsnup

Pam DiLucca

Additional Comments

Scheduling of meeting dates: Finance/Budgeting meeting: To be announced

Board Meeting: August 14, 2019 @ 4:30 pm (pending board approval)

John VanEngelen adjourned the meeting at 6:00 pm.

respectfully submitted,

Karolee Sorenson, Administrative Assistant

Approval by Teresa Jones, Secretary