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Twin Falls Public Library

Board Minutes

Minutes of the Board of Trustees

Wednesday, June 12th 2019

  • Approved on Friday, June 21st 2019

June 12, 2019

Minutes of the Board of Trustees Twin Falls Public Library

The regular meeting of the Board of Trustees was held on Wednesday, June 12, 2019 in the Library’s Board Room. Attending the meeting were Trustees John VanEngelen, Debbie Dane and Teresa Jones. Library Director Tara Bartley and Staff Karolee Sorenson and CJ Rasmusson, Circulation Supervisor. Absent Trustees Cindy Bezas, Monica D’Angelo and City Council Liaison Ruth Pierce.

Chairman John VanEngelen called the meeting to order at 4:31 pm with brief introductions. Introductions to and from members of the Public.

Motion was made to approve the agenda for June 12, 2019 meeting. Debbie Dane motioned to approve the agenda; Teresa Jones 2nd the motion.

The Trustees MSC approval of the April 10, 2019 minutes and May 16, 2019 minutes. Teresa Jones motioned to approve the minutes; Debbie Dane 2nd the motion.

Approval of Financial Statements The Trustees MSC the approval of the April 2019 and May 2019 bills. Karolee responded Monica D’Angelo did stop by and signed off with her approval of the bills. Debbie Dane motioned to approve April 2019 and May 2019 bills, Teresa Jones 2nd the motion. Roll call vote taken. Approved 3-0. Financial/Statistical report: Review of the financial reports. Tara briefly reviewed the financial statements we are 68% into the fiscal year and our Educator cards were up from last year of 14 to 18 this year. Tara attributes this to Foundation covering the cost of the cards. Teresa Jones motioned to approve the financial statements for April 2019 and May 2019; Debbie Dane 2nd the motion. Roll call vote taken. Approved 3-0.

Communications & Correspondence

Thank you for Memorial Contribution made in memory of Bruce Fred Lutz, Tara’s father.

Donation of flowers from Moss Greenhouse. Letter of thanks in Times News Letter to the Editor.

June 7 – Summer Reading Kickoff was canceled because of weather. Looking to reschedule.

June 12 – 14 – Amy Mortensen Reference Librarian is attending Futures Camp in Caldwell.

June 18 – Pop-Up Book sale 10:00 am – 6:00 pm.

July 4 – Library will close in observance of The 4th of July.

City Council

No report

Library Foundation

Tara reported we received the Deed of Gift Acceptance from the Foundation. The library received $19,903.18 Books and Materials Purchased, Equipment and Furniture $15,710.49, mobile library carts for existing shelving and fork pallet truck, Programs and Speakers $1,509.30, Summer Reading Program, Art & Soul Venue and Non Resident library cards for Educators.

Finance & Budgeting

No report

Building & Grounds

No report

Planning & Public Relations

No report

Operations & Personnel

No report

Business Issues

The RFID Committee, CJ Rasmusson, Amy Mortensen, Erica Littlefield, Adam Day, Kathleen Lambert, Jennifer Hill and Katie Johnson, recommends the Twin Falls Public Library convert its collection from a barcode/EM security system to an RFID solution:

1. RFID is becoming an industry standard in libraries.

2. The technology provides a faster, more efficient and more accurate means of item tracking than the current barcode system.

3. RFID also allows the library to update and upgrade its self-checkout machines at a lower cost than standard EM based machines.

4. RFID security should lead to fewer false positives in the library theft-detection gates. Because security on RFID tags does not depend on EM desensitization but on the check-out status of the item itself, the possibility of an item being properly checked out to a patron and still triggering an alarm drops to nearly zero.

Board has approved recommendation.

Library Staff

No report

Library Director

Capital Improvement projects of Network Infrastructure and Security camera replacement and installation is 95% complete.

Weeding project to take place in anticipation of RFID. Reviewing CREW method. CREW is an acronym for Continuous Review, Evaluation, and Weeding.

Technology update – Two new computers will be upstairs on the South wall and open to the public. These computers are higher end hardware and will be available to patrons who are working on audio, video and 3D graphics.

Public Comment

The following individuals made public comments regarding Pride Display in the library:

Lindsay Dyson

Lindsay Clark

Kristen Dewsnup

Jake Dyson

Pam Seluka

Hank Hafeger

Additional Comments

Scheduling of meeting dates:

Finance/Budgeting meeting: To be announced

Board Meeting: July 11, 2019 @ 4:30 pm (pending board approval) J

ohn VanEngelen adjourned the meeting at 5:31 pm.

Karolee Sorenson and public excused from meeting to move to Executive Session- 74-206 (1)(b) To consider the evaluation, dismissal or disciplining of or to hear complaints or charges brought against, a public officer, employee, staff member or individual agent, or public school student.

respectfully submitted, Karolee Sorenson, Administrative Assistant 

Approval by Teresa Jones, Secretary