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Twin Falls Public Library

Board Minutes

Minutes of the Board of Trustees

Thursday, May 16th 2019

  • Approved on Thursday, May 30th 2019

A special meeting of the Board of Trustees was held on Thursday May 16, 2019 in the Library’s Board Room. Attending the meeting were Trustees John VanEngelen, Monica D’Angelo, Debbie Dane, Cindy Bezas, and City Council Liaison Ruth Pierce. Library Director Tara Bartley and Staff Karolee Sorenson. Absent Teresa Jones.

Chairman John VanEngelen called the meeting to order at 4:30 pm with brief introductions. Motion was made to approve the agenda for May 16, 2019 meeting. Cindy Bezas motioned to approve the agenda; Debbie Dane 2nd the motion.

Communications & Correspondence

No report

City Council

No report

Library Foundation

No report

Finance & Budgeting

No report

Building & Grounds

No report

Planning & Public Relations

No report

Operations & Personnel

No report

Business Issues

Approval of 2019-2020 Budget

Tara Bartley lead the discussion on the 2019/2020 Budget of the Twin Falls Public Library. A motion was made to approve the recommended budget for 2019/2020 Fiscal Year. Debbie Dane motioned to approve the budget; Monica D’Angelo 2nd the motion. Motion carried. The budget was signed by the Board members. Tara will submit to the City of Council approval.

Library Staff

No report

Library Director

No report

Public Comment

No report

Additional Comments

The meeting was adjourned at 4:40 pm to move into Executive Session 74-2006 (1)(b) To consider the evaluation of Tara Bartley, Library Director.

Tara and Karolee left the meeting.

Respectfully Submitted Karolee Sorenson, Administrative Assistant