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Twin Falls Public Library

Board Minutes

Minutes of the Board of Trustees

Wednesday, October 10th 2018

  • Approved on Tuesday, October 23rd 2018

The regular meeting of the Board of Trustees was held on Wednesday, October 10, 2018, in the Library’s Board Room. Attending the meeting were Trustees Chris Vaage, John Van Engelen, Cindy Bezas, Kyle Tarbet. Library Director Tara Bartley, Staff Karolee Sorenson and Staff Jessica Tueller, Reference Librarian. Absent Monica D’Angelo, Foundation Liaison and Ruth Pierce City Council Liaison.

Chairman Chris Vaage called the meeting to order at 4:34 pm with brief introductions. Motion was made to approve the agenda for October 10, 2018 meeting. John Van Engelen motioned to approve the agenda; Cindy Bezas 2nd the motion. The Trustees MSC approval of the September 12, 2018 minutes. Cindy Bezas motioned to approve the minutes; Kyle Tarbet 2nd the motion.

Approval of Financial Statements The Trustees MSC the approval of the September 2018 bills. John Van Engelen made the motion to approve last month’s bills, Kyle Tarbet 2nd the motion. Roll call vote taken. Approved 4-0. Financial/Statistical report: Review of the financial reports. Tara reviewed the year end financials and the formatting on financial statements was addressed and a decision was made. John VanEngelen motioned to approve the financial statements for September 2018; Kyle Tarbet 2nd the motion. Roll call vote taken. Approved 4-0.

Communications & Correspondence

10/08 – Library will be closed for Columbus Day.

10/12 2:00 pm – 5:00 pm Photo ID Party. Old photos will be available for the public to come in and identify.

10/13 – Halloween Costume Swap 11:00 am -1:00 pm. Bring in an old Halloween costume and swap out of a different costume.

10/18 – Pajama Rama at 7:00 pm

10/20 – Hocus Pocus interactive

10/24 – Let’s Talk About It 6:30 pm 10/25 – Teen Halloween Party at 4:30 pm

10/31-10:30 am Story Time and Trick or Treating. A policeman will be here for story time and the Trick or Treating at City hall, Police Department and Fire Department. Kids Halloween party at 4:30 pm.

10/23-10/25 – Tara and Adam will be attending Broadband Measurement workshop in Chicago, IL. The TFPL was asked to participate in a pilot program. Tara and Adam will bring back information to share with other Idaho libraries.

11/12 The Library will be closed for Veterans Day. The library will have the Hero’s Tree on display this year. Public may place an ornament on the tree in memory of a Veteran or we will have ornaments available for them to display on the tree.

City Council

No report

Library Foundation

The Library and the Foundation are working together with Thrift Books. Thrift Books is an organization that will accept our donated books and sell them for us. The Foundation will receive 50% of the sales. The Foundation has also offered to purchase a pallet jack for building services.

Finance & Budgeting

No report

Building & Grounds

No report

Planning & Public Relations

No report

Operations & Personnel

No report

Business Issues

Review of the 2018/2019 Budget numbers. Creation of job description – Program Specialist. John VanEngelen motioned to approve the position of Program Specialist and Cindy Bezas 2nd the motion.

Review of job descriptions – Custodian, Interlibrary Loan Assistant, Youth Services Clerk, Library Page, Youth Services Librarian. It was motioned to approve the job description updates upon the change of physical requirement. John VanEngelen motioned and Kyle Tarbet 2nd the motion.

Library Staff

Jessica Tueller, Reference Librarian. Jessica spoke to the Board about the program Let’s Talk About It. This program is offered through an ICFL Grant. The library chose the theme “The Humanity of Science and Technology.” ICFL will provide 25 books for each selection. Patrons can then come into the library and pick up the books and read. One Wednesday each month at 6:30 pm meet at the library and discuss the book. Each discussion has a guest speaker who will discuss the book with the patrons. The libraries website provides the information on monthly books and dates.

Library Director

Review of the 2018/2019 budget. Continue to update job descriptions and present to the Board for approval. November 2 – All staff meeting – EEO training. Carl Ericson with ICRMP will be here to discuss EEO policies and procedures regarding harassment within the work place.

ICFL is offering a new database to replace Chilton with Automate. Currently checking with EBSCO regarding adding Chilton to Twin Falls. My Heritage will be added. This database will allow patrons to do genealogy at home. Currently have Pronunciation which provides information for foreign language. Currently have Mango.

Request for 2019 Trustee information will be out this month. Interviews will be held in November.

Public Comment

No report

Additional Comments

Local author questioned why his book was pulled from our shelves. The library will be reviewing the collection development and circulation policy.

Scheduling of meeting dates: Committee Meeting Dates: 1st Tuesday and Wednesday of the month if needed

Board Meeting: November 14, 2018 Chris Vaage adjourned the meeting at 6:07 pm.

respectfully submitted, Karolee Sorenson, Administrative Assistant

*sent to and reviewed by Cindy Bezas, Secretary